Home insurance: What leads to the most claims?

Home insurance: What leads to the most claims?

s5 9365829b684f26c5df74b642c5047fcaHomeowners face all sorts of headaches when it comes to caring for their homes – fires, burglaries, broken water lines, you name it.

Can you guess which problems lead to the most insurance claims?

House fires? Nope.

Nationwide, wind and hail generate more claims than anything else. Those maladies of Mother Nature tear off shingles and leave divots in roofs that eventually lead to leaks. But those claims – which average $6,881 apiece nationwide – are not the most expensive for insurance companies.

Fires are considerably more expensive. The average claim, according to the national ISO, which compiles property/casualty insurance data, runs $27,691. Those tragedies don’t happen nearly as often though, arising on only a half-percent of policies nationwide.

Want to take a look at the numbers yourself? Enjoy. Or, if you want some additional information, here is a great source.

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